How to Successfully Choose a Copenhagen Apartment

Arriving in a new city can be both exciting and nerve-wracking especially if you don’t know where to go. But, if you want your trip to be smooth-sailing, you want to plan in advance, especially in terms of where you will your stay. If you are going to the Danish capital, you should not be surprised to know that some of the world’s highest price tags are there. But, there should always be an option for any budget. As long you do your homework, finding one of the most affordable apartment hotels in Copenhagen will be possible. When choosing an apartment, keep the following tips in mind:

Read Reviews Online

The internet has a lot of reviews for vacation rentals in Copenhagen so read them carefully. Often, those who have tried booking the apartment you are trying to book are the best indicators of what to expect when you show up. In general, they will provide you with a decent indication of what to expect when you live there. Make sure you don’t get lured by listing photos as they can be deceiving.

Check the Neighborhood

Google Earth can help you look at your rental before you commit. Check to see the establishments nearby. While you would appreciate your direct access to things like supermarkets, transportation, restaurants, and others, you may not want to choose a rental beside a pub. You could probably bear the noise and crowd for a few days but daily annoyances can become infuriating when you have to deal with them the entire day of month’s stay.

Take your Time Studying the Amenities and Listing Photos

Property listings are expected to post cleverly decorated and well-kept properties. But, these photos do not always say what an apartment really has. You want to make sure you have everything you need depending on your plans. For instance, you may want to spend time in the yard with a well-functioning barbecue or love to do some baking with a good oven. Also, you may need a pool or a decent internet connection. Ensure the apartment has the amenities and pieces of equipment you need.

Consider your Distance from Public Transportation

In case the listing does not mention how far public transportation is from the rental, do not hesitate to ask before making a deal. Or you can get the rental’s address and check with Google Maps to have a look at the neighborhood.

Abigail Jacob

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